From cookbooks to art catalogs, I believe that all design requires critical thinking to translate a client's mission from a good idea into strong and effective visual communication.


I work in print and web-based media: typography, web design and development/ HTML/ CSS/ JQuery/ Wordpress, book design (covers and interiors), e-publishing, e-books, print expertise, infographics, animation, social media, and logo, brand, and identity design. I work in Adobe Creative Suite—InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and Dreamweaver, and I am a certified Adobe Trainer. I am even called upon to work on traditional board pasteup!


I have worked in large and small graphic design firms with a variety of specialties, working with photographers, illustrators, and printers. Clients range from individuals and small businesses to large publishing houses, specializing in designing for artists, education, and non-profits.

•Book and catalog design
•Ad Design and Brand Development
•Media Planning, marketing, social media
•Logo and Identity Design
•Package Design
•Book jacket and interior design, Editorial design
•Website design, development and coding: HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript/ JQuery
•UX/UI/UD user interface development
•Social media and marketing
•Film and Digital Photography
•Print production/offset and letterpress printing
•Print specifications and specialty print


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Suzanne Dell'Orto
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